About Us

D’Evelyn was founded in 1994 as a liberal arts secondary school based on the belief that all students should be held to rigorous academic and behavioral standards, and that all students can achieve in a challenging program.  The focus of a D'Evelyn education is to convey an essential body of cultural knowledge through a solid liberal arts education so that students may become effective citizens in society.
D’Evelyn is committed to the premise that mastery of the skills and knowledge acquired through the study of the core academic subjects is the foundation for all subsequent learning. Independent, analytical reasoning, based on objective knowledge, is essential and is fostered throughout the program. Behavior standards are clearly defined and enforced. The arts, athletics, and extracurricular activities are encouraged.

D'Evelyn Press Releases:

October 31, 2018
D’Evelyn Marching Band Wins Colorado 3A State Championship

September 16, 2018
Six National Merit Semifinalists

August 16, 2018
Colorado Department of Education
2018 - Colorado SAT & PSAT Score Release

D'Evelyn Alumni Survey